Thursday, December 24, 2009

sweet coffees in the snow...

grumpy in the first snow on my birthday.
12/05-barismo 'soma' guest espresso cappuccino @ cafe grumpy,chelsea

december 5th was my birthday,also the first snow of the year in nyc.this was enjoyed underdressed while trying to make it home without dying.

12/20-cappuccino @ gimme!coffee,soho
sweet and tangy,actually.maybe like yogurt.

this saturday it started really snowing,kinna like a blizzard.sunday i had a horrible stomach ache and didn't want to eat anything,so steamed milk was sustenance,and was pretty warming,too.

12/20-macchiato @ kaffe 1668
black cat espresso.

12/20-clover brewed ecco caffe ethiopian yirgacheffe @ kaffe 1668
a little bit vegetal,like sweet potatoes.nice.

12/19-macchiato @ third rail coffee
i was expecting a dragon in this...


12/20-cappuccino @ ninth street espresso,chelsea
this was amazing.tasted like the best french vanilla ice cream i've never eaten.


espresso was smoky,really sweet,too.i think chelsea market is my favourite 9th street.

espresso softserve @ kyotofu.
okay,okay...but c'mon...!