Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Savoury Single Origins and Such...

cortado with home-made almond milk @ abraco.

last wednesday for the first time in months i had a drink from abraco with their home made almond milk.
it was slightly perfect.i'm kind of happy that they don't even offer soymilk.
there's nothing here hiding the taste of the espresso,it really comes through,and rather it's just elevated by a super rich,olive-y mouthfeel.not really sweet at all,savoury and reminiscent of walnuts and the aforementioned olive.

ecco reserve espresso @ kaffe 1668.
speaking of savoury,the new-ish ecco reserve single origin espresso is really hard-hitting and woodsy.

ecco reserve soy macchiato #1 @ kaffe 1668.

i had 2 macchiatos made with it,and both times,they were really salty and savoury-like soya sauce or black bean sauce. different,no bad, so i understood when i was told that in terms of milk-y drinks the espresso doesn't stretch much further than a macchiato.

ecco reserve soy macchiato #2 @ kaffe 1668.


and something sweet...

clover-brewed intelligentsia kenya @ kaffe 1668.

this was amazing.super juicy,like ripe strawberries,refreshing,even.i could drink it like water,given the chance.

the sign's description is a bit funny,and it's definitely worth the $3.91 plus tax.

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