Saturday, March 13, 2010

Blue Bottle Opens In Brooklyn .


03/12/10-gibraltar@ blue bottle coffee,brooklyn

on wednesday blue bottle coffee opened a shop i williamsburg.on friday,my younger brother from vancouver and i went to check it out.

12.5 months ago i was in san frizzle for 3 weeks and the first thing i did was drink blue bottle espresso at the mint plaza location while waiting for my friend to pick me up 2 hours late.
it kind of blew me away,and i claimed it to be the best coffee i'd ever had.also,i had just gotten off a train from being in portland for 6 weeks.

anyways,i've had a lot of amazing coffee since,and don't think of blue bottle too often,especially while i live on the same street as abraco and go to stumptown in the ace hotel for great drinks all the time.

but i had expectations.

and they were met.

the gibraltar tasted like a pan of fresh roasted pecans who've cooled enough that you can put them in yr hand,but not so much that you can make a

made in the ceramic pour over .......(i'd say "duh",but for all you know if you haven't been they could have a $20,000 syphon bar,too.)

the kintamnai made in the filter brew pour over was really mellow and sweet,like pears and nutty like hazelnuts.great.

spotted us!

end of day 1.

03/13/10-espresso @ blue bottle coffee,brooklyn

we decided to go back the next morning.
a lot busier,but whatever.

the espresso was good,not as capivating as the gibraltar the day before,but lush and deep.a little spicy.

this time patrick had a gibraltar.he said it was fantastic,so i'll take his word for it.

i for one,am pretty excited about this,and anticipate going back.


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