Monday, September 21, 2009

$4.36 counter culture espresso,a lot of stumptown,and basically a week of drinking a lot of coffee in manhattan.

Fazenda Ambiental Fortaleza

$4.36 a shot...

used to work at vivace


fazenda ambiental mococo,brazil.
counter culture single origin espresso at le parker meridien hotel.
really buttery and rich.
$4.36.yummy price,i guess.

counter culture espresso toscano at everyman espresso.
the macchiato was probably only $3,but it's nice to be fancy sometimes.

duo cappuccinos

no art on the cappuccinos,but besides using one of my favourite espressos.counter culture uses this:

so good.

my weekend primarily consisted of drinking coffee.but it was for good reason.

for jess.

maeve was visiting from portland,where we've drunk many a stumptowns together,so we thought it would be surreal to meet up at the new one in the ace hotel.


maeve was underwhelmed by her latte,nut admitted to having really high expectations,and my cortado was good,but not 'albina press good',but c'mon.

going was kind of last minute,and i forgot that dan from third rail coffee had some 'special' stumptown beans' he said he'd make if i wanted to come by friday.

stumptown el salvador kilimanjaro organic.

ridiculously earl grey tea,with a hint of citrus.dan says it's beause he stirred the chemex.

the black cat espresso was surprisingly fruity too,in the way grocery store wine is fruity.more so than regular wine,and less alcohol-y.this was less,well kind of none,of that straightforward-chocolate-y taste of black was really new,though.and like i said,it was good,just different.

also went to 9th street espresso for the first time in a few weeks

the alphabet city blend they use is also from intelligentsia,but i think is less straight forward with more red fruit high notes.
audrey was bombed.


had a cortado made with cafe grumpy's heartbreaker espresso at the chelsea was maple-y and kind of perfect,despite some large bubbles in the foam.

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