Monday, September 14, 2009

pdx in nyc.

last monday the very first stumptown cafe finally opened in the new ace hotel lobby.i remember hearing about how this was supposed to open when i was actually staying in portland back in february,and they planned to open in april.anywhoo,having been to all of the stumptown cafes in portland and having had amazing stumptown drinks at barista,the albina press,fresh pot,sweetpea bakery and others,i was really curious to see how it would taste here,especially since all the stumptown i've had so far in new york has been in the range of mediocre to really gross.

well,it was really good.
really,really good.probably because of the really good baristas working there who mainly moved from pdx themselves in the past few months,but nonetheless,it was very solid.
i had an espresso(really straightforward and punchy with a little vanilla aftertaste)
and a soy macchiato(not too complex,but very strong,roasty,and a bit caramel-ish).

i got excited about the hotel,'s JUST like ace hotel portland but multiplied by 100.huge waiting room,photobooth,taxidermy,long desks in middle for laptop/whatever use(didn't bring mine,worked on drawing work)was there for 1.5 hours,,everyone was so so so so so hip/old fashioned-y dressed/eurotrash


oh,and i went back the next morning,just to try it out again...

found my pdx stamp card...
oh,i found my stamp card from portland...
their french press brewed coffee of the day.
juicy and fruity.gonna be pretty hard to hate on if they keep having great coffee...

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