Wednesday, September 16, 2009

culture vulture.


check out culture espresso bar so many cafes in nyc they serve intelligentsia's black cat espresso.i ordered a soy macchiato-it had a really nice and dark,thick and syrupy crema that dominated the drink,and not too much soy milk,so the bitter-sweet molasses taste of the espresso wasn't overshadowed which was great,since macchiatos are sometimes almost too milky and sweet for a macchiato,impo.i'll definitely be going back,i was informed that they're gonna start using the siphon and molitas on display. for brewed coffees eventually.

speaking of black cat espresso...

soy cortado
southside coffee,brooklyn

a)really good-intelli black cat,really thick foam-it had a really fruity,dried apricot aftertaste(surprising for black cat) and a really rich mouth feel.
b)most charming and funny barista ever maybe.
c)he was listening to a broken social scene live album.geeze.

and if yr in new york,please note...

cafe grumpy's current guest espresso is from ritual coffee roasters,'high striker' and is excellent.i've been to ritual many times,so was excited to try it out at grumpy,and man oh man-.super short triple ristrettos,really cinnamon-y and a bit chocolate-y.i guess i could be crazy and say it had a similar profile to mexican hot chocolate.

saturday evening.

just can't get enough...
sunday morning.

and kept going...
sunday afternoon.

get it while you can.

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