Monday, September 28, 2009

a week of going out for way too many coffees:documented

monday september 21 8:30am
americano @ gimme!coffee,soho
realized how long it had been since i was at gimme!then realized how long it had been since i'd drank an americano.
i'll stick to espresso.

monday september 21 5:50pm
brewed kenya @ stumptown,ace hotel lobby

really juicy and fruity.almost as good at the mutsu apple i had from the union square green market on the way up.

tuesday september 22 8:20am
espresso @ abraco

matti's almond milk cortado @ abraco
or "that same drink i had on the weekend at grumpies"

wednesday september 23 10:30am
espresso @ stumptown,ace hotel lobby

thursday september 24 8:25am
espresso @ abraco
if only water tasted this good.

thursday september 24 1:50pm
espresso @ gimme!coffee,soho

friday september 25 9:45am
espresso @ ninth street espresso,chelsea market
thanks a million,angela.

friday septmber 25 1:35pm
espresso @ gimme!coffee,soho
finally got the red cup!
finally got the red demitasse.

sarah's soy macchiato @ gimme!coffee,soho

friday september 25 5:10pm
soy macchiato @ stumptown,ace hotel lobby

teresa's espresso.

saturday september 26 11:40am
ecco caffe guatemala guest espresso @ kaffe 1668

-more muted/less 'overwhelming' than the black cat shots they pull as standard
-very zesty;tongue almost vibrates
-nutty,but something rich,like macadamias or brazils
soooo good.

saturday september 26 2:10pm
clover brewed nicaragua,kaffe 1668

saturday september 26 8:35pm
soy macchiato @ cafe grumpy,chelsea

cafe spooky

sunday september 27 11:10am
clover brewed el salvador @ kaffe 1668

sunday september 27 1:35pm
ecco caffe guatemala single origin espresso soy macchiato

-still zesty,possibly parallel a creamsicle
i.e creamy & citrusy
eff-bombing awesome.

sunday september 27 4:00pm
intelligentsia house blend drip coffee @ housing works bookstore,soho

monday september 28 8:10am
clover brewed(grumpy roasted!!!)guatemala @ cafe grumpy,chelsea

"peanut brittle sweetness".

monday september 28 6:10pm
ritual high striker guest espresso soy macchiato @ cafe grumpy,chelsea
just what i was craving.

teresa & her guatemala.

possibly consider to stop planning 99% of social and school life around coffee?nah.

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  1. what a cool project! just thought i'd drop you a comment to say i'm following, also BjorkedOff, best peanut butter content this side of a Reese's Cup:)i'm in Cambridge, UK. a bit random, but rice milk macchiatos over this side of the pond. your site allows me to vicariously live my vegan coffee dreams!